When’s the Right Time to Start Dating Again?


However, there are some people who can do it with ease. Take Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, who seemingly weave their way in and out of relationships (or marriage). When you’re a star whose career is built upon making appearances, building empires and promoting your brand every minute of every day, there is little time for yourself, let alone another. But it makes sense why the two celebs flock to a man soon after every ending – to fill that void their lifestyles can’t afford.

The “YOLO” mindset for relationship carries its pros and cons. Never allowing yourself to fully express the hurt and pain often causes the emotional unpacking to occur at times you’re least prepared for it. Jumping into the dating scene also leaves you feeling more lonely, knowing that you’re trying to occupy the space of a ghost who was once real in your life.

There ultimately is no right or wrong time frame or method of dating again – you just need to know yourself. If Kanye was everything Kris wasn’t and exactly what she was looking for, then let’s be happy for her. If 24-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart has the moves that Marc Anthony didn’t, then let’s hope this is it for J.Lo. Of course, rushing into relations will stir a couple side-eyes and some finger-wagging from your loved ones, so be prepared to defend yourself accordingly. But also keep in mind that the most worthwhile relationships are the ones that took time to develop. Like wine, love gets better with age.