Why ‘The Avengers’ Is Better Than ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’

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“The Avengers” was better that “The Dark Knight.” Yeah, we said it.

After crushing “The Dark Knight’s” opening weekend records, “The Avengers” has staked its claim as the best superhero movie to date. Millions of fans assembled for the highly-anticipated film, and were not disappointed with the results. With high-adrenaline action and a team of Marvel’s finest, “The Avengers” clearly surpasses “The Dark Knight,” and here’s why.

5. Six heroes are always better than one.

In some respects, if “The Avengers” wasn’t better than “The Dark Knight,” Marvel should have been ashamed of themselves. With Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow on one roster, “The Avengers” was bound to be an action-packed hit (pun intended). Though none of the individual movies even touched the surface of “The Dark Knight,” bringing them together was absolutely foolproof. None of Bruce Wayne’s gadgets could ever compete with that kind of high-flying, hammer-throwing, Smashing, All-American manpower.

4. The villain is defeated with physical force, not psychological.
Be honest, as you watched “The Dark Knight,” all you wanted to see was Batman beat the hell out of The Joker. But does this every really happen? No, because The Joker is a psychological villain with loads of minions to do his dirty work. So Batman may have gotten the chance to wail on him in that interrogation scene, but that was not the way to defeat The Joker. In “The Avengers” on the other hand, Loki goes down with a good old-fashioned fight. Yeah, Batman shows off his hand skills in a few “Dark Knight” scenes, but that isn’t what truly gives him the victory in the end.

3. Closer comic adaptation.
We’ll admit it: neither movie stuck purely to their comic book stories. “The Avengers” totally skipped out on Ant-Man and completely downplayed Loki’s sorcerer/psychic abilities, but pretty much stayed true to the essence of the original comic book series. “The Dark Knight” on the other hand, completely fabricated Two-Face’s story and the character of Rachel Dawes. Their dramatic scene that ends in Rachel’s death was a climax of “The Dark Knight,” but completely made up for cinematic purposes.

2. The heroes makes the movie, not the villain.
Simply put, Heath Ledger’s Joker is what made “The Dark Knight” great. His portrayal of the diabolical fiend has become a classic, and easily outshined anything Batman had to offer in the film. This is not the case for “The Avengers.” What made this film great? The Avengers.

1. The Hulk.
“The Dark Knight’s” hero-gone-rogue, Two-Face, had absolutely nothing on “The Avengers’.” Teetering on the tightrope between super-Avenger and hazard-to-society villain, The Hulk delivered on both ends. As a tool for Loki’s schemes, The Hulk’s fight with Thor was of epic proportions. And when he came back to his senses for the final battle, he proved himself to be the most lethal hero of the squad. Nothing in “The Dark Knight’s” action arsenal could come close.