A Closer Look at Will Smith’s Admiring Reporter


So by now, you’re probably well aware of Will Smith’s infamous “attack” on that Ukrainian reporter. Well after a little bit of digging, we’ve discovered that his name is Vitalii Sediuk, and that this isn’t the first time he’s gotten on the wrong side of Hollywood’s elite.

The proclaimed “prankster” is a anchor for Ukrainian morning show “Breakfast with 1+1.” He’s famous for his lighthearted approach in news, almost in a Borat-esque manner. It seems that Will Smith isn’t the first major celebrity he’s pissed off either.

Last year, he gave pop icon Madonna a bouquet of hydrangeas during the premiere of her directorial effort W.E. at the 2011 Venice Film Fetsival. Sounds nice, right? Well supposedly it’s common knowledge that Madonna hates hydrangeas (in her words, “loathes” them), and he purposely presented her with the flowers to get a rise out of her.

Whether or not the gesture was meant to purposely offend Miss MDNA, there’s no denying the jokester persona of this guy. And who knows, maybe he didn’t really mean to kiss Will Smith. After a few more views of the now-infamous video, maybe Vitalii simply got caught up in a awkward cheek kiss gone way wrong (come on, don’t front like you haven’t been caught in one of those before!).

While we await his explanation behind the slap heard around the world, we’ll take some responses from you guys. Was Will right or wrong? Maybe this guy needs to chill out on the pranks before he runs into the wrong person—we’re pretty sure DMX ain’t just gonna give him a tap on the cheek!

Here’s Vitalii at work:

And here’s the Madonna situation:

This is his response to Madonna: