The 10 Most Anti-Climatic Rap Beefs in Recent History

What’s beef? The Notorious B.I.G. posed that question all the way back in 1997 on his posthumous sophomore album, Life After Death. And yet, 15 years later, we’re still trying to figure out the answer.

So, what’s the problem? Well, all beef is not created equal, especially when it comes to rap beef. Some rappers legitimately just do not like one another (see: 50 Cent and Ja Rule). Others have disagreements at one time or another but learn to work past their differences (see: Jay-Z and Nas). But, a lot of times, “beef” isn’t actually beef at all. It’s something that two artists use to drum up interest in themselves or their projects and, as a result, the beef between them either fizzles out and dies or just gets forgotten about altogether before a real resolution occurs. And, it leaves us rap fans wondering why we were even interested in the beef in the first place.

The most recent example of this kind of “beef” happened between Lil Wayne and Pusha T. A few weeks ago, Pusha released a track called “Exodus 23: 1″ that featured him taking shots at Weezy’s label mate Drake. Then, Wayne responded with a diss track of his own called “Goulish.” But, yesterday, Wayne put an end to the rift by coming out and saying that he does not have beef with Pusha and that, as a result, the beef is dead—despite the fact that the two sides never really patched up whatever rift had come between them. How anti-climatic is that?

In light of the recent “beef” between Wayne and Pusha, we decided to take a look at some of the other hollow rap beefs that we’ve had to endure over the course of the last few years. These are The 10 Most Anti-Climatic Rap Beefs in Recent History. And, they’ve made it hard for us to definitively answer Biggie’s age-old question.—Chris Yuscavage

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