The 10 Most Controversial Moments of Nicki Minaj’s Career

Nicki Minaj loves controversy. She must. If she doesn’t, then what other excuse is there for all of the controversy that seems to follow her? From what she wears to what she raps about to what she does in her music videos, she’s all about controversy. Controversy, controversy, controversy!

The most recent controversy that she’s gotten herself involved in started back on Sunday afternoon when she refused to take the stage at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam after Hot 97 morning show host Peter Rosenberg made some inflammatory comments about her hit song, “Starships,” during one of the concert’s pre-show events. That led to Funkmaster Flex taking some very venomous shots at her during the course of the concert. And, on Monday night, Nicki even called into Flex’s Hot 97 radio show and got into a pretty heated argument with Flex about a number of different things. It was all very controversial.

Like we said earlier, though, this is nothing new for Nicki. In fact, she’s used the controversy surrounding a number of moments in her career to her advantage and gotten a ton of press as a result of it. So, in light of her most recent run-in with Flex, we decided to put together a list of The 10 Most Controversial Moments of Nicki Minaj’s Career. Check out how she’s managed to get herself into so much controversy over the last few years.—Chris Yuscavage