The 10 Most Infamous Music Smackdowns

With more details of the Wednesday NYC nightclub brawl between Drake and Chris Brown emerging, it’s safe to say that the reported fight has captured the imagination of music fans and beyond. Did Young Money’s Emo spitter throw a bottle at the Virginia dancing machine over racy pop vixen Rihanna? (Both Drake and CB have been involved with the Bajan beauty.) Did Drake affiliate and Maybach Music member Meek Mill initiate the fight at SoHo nightspot W.I.P.?

And more importantly, what will be the legal fallout from this incident that left Brown with a nasty chin gash and one male and four females injured, including Brown’s girlfriend and a longtime bodyguard. Of course, there have been other notable physical music confrontations—some bizarre, some hilarious, and others quite serious. VIBE presents the 10 Most Infamous Music Smackdowns. No musicians were harmed during the writing of this list.