The 12 Hottest Kim Kardashian Photos From 2012

Hate on her all you want. Tell us that she has no talent. Blast her every time she shows up on the blogs. Criticize her for her 72-day marriage. Call her latest relationship with Kanye West a sham. Seriously, do whatever you want. But, do not—and, let us stress this: do NOT—sit there and try and tell us that you don’t think Kim Kardashian is hot. Because, Kim K isn’t a lot of things. But, one thing she most definitely is is hot.

Just in case you need a reminder of that, we’ve searched the Internet high and low—we’ve got a tough job, don’t we?—and come up with a list of The 12 Hottest Kim Kardashian Photos From 2012. We’re about halfway through the year now, so we thought that a nice recap of Kim K’s first half of 2012 might be nice. So, if for whatever reason you’re still not convinced that Kanye’s boo is all that and a bag of Lay’s, we suggest you go ahead and click through this photo gallery. It’ll make you a believer once and for all.