The 21 Most Ratchet Women of Black Reality TV

Reality television is the untamed woman’s playground. Whether she arrived with her dignity well-sagged past the crack or had that easy to ignite, not-so-good side of hers zoomed in by editors is up for debate. What’s not is our addiction to those recordable, rewindable, retweetable thirty to sixty minutes of shame. It’s an insatiable guilty pleasure few will admit aloud to enjoying, but the hashtags don’t lie… and damn were they revved up last night for episode two of the supposedly intolerable Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. We’ll save the supplier vs. the demander powwow for another time though. Indeed there are fellas who put on their ignorant best for the cameras (Hi Stevie), however it’s easy to see that the small screen is smitten by grownass women gone wild. TV, TV on the wall, who’s the ratchetest of them all? See who hauled their foolery all the way to the top. –Tracy Garraud (@TrayHova)