5 Dangers of Twitter Beefs

Computer courage is real. When you’re behind a keyboard, it’s much easier to lash out, talk junk and basically act an e-fool because you think no one can see you. But the thing is, there are most likely more people you know in real life following you than strangers which means the stuff you start online could very easily catch up to you.

I bet if we asked Tashay D. Edwards and the girl whose house she showed up to and promptly beat down in the World Star Hip Hop video that went viral last month if either one of them thought 140 characters of buffoonery was worth it, their answers would be “no.” It’s fine to defend a point and state your opinion, but when it comes to all out Twitter beefs, think before you tweef.

Here’s why:

You Embarrass Yourself
Have you ever actually seen a Twitter feud on your timeline? It looks ridiculous because it’s essentially a mini-rant. All you see is a bunch of random messages directed at someone that you can’t really follow and that you’re probably mad is taking up your timeline. You really wonder why is this person not just ignoring whatever ignorant tweets they’re being sent or even blocking the other person. Twitter drama is the easiest fight to walk away from—all you have to do is log off. Why even engage the foolishness?