5 Dream Weddings for Jim Jones and Chrissy


5 Dream Weddings for Jim Jones and Chrissy

Do you remember towards the end of the second season of “Love & Hip-Hop” when Jim Jones finally popped the question to Chrissy? *Cues “awww”* Wasn’t that a beautiful moment?
Sure; that’s all good and everything, but when’s the wedding?

We know it takes talent, precision, and tact to plan a wedding, but to our knowledge, not even a date has been announced. However, knowing Chrissy, we know she wants it to be as perfect as possible. After all, she has been waiting for this moment for the past couple of years.

So, in an effort to assist her with her wedding planning, VIBE has compiled a list of five possible dream weddings for Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

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