5 Facts Kanye May Not Know About His New Lamborghini Aventador


By now you’ve all heard the delightfully sickening news of Kim K’s birthday gift to the now 35- year-old Kanye West. But with the G.O.O.D. rapper on tour and clearly not up on his Lambo knowledge, (Ahem, that’s a Gallardo in the “Mercy” video) here’s your chance to learn more about the birthday boy’s new whip than he even knows.

1) In true Lamborghini tradition, the all-new Aventador borrows its name from a prized Spanish fighting bull. While Aventador the animal hailed from Madronera Marketplace Pilar, the roots of the automotive counterpart are planted in Italy’s San’Agata. If Spanish ain’t your bag, the car’s alphanumeric designation – LP700-4 – also works at the dealer.