5 Reasons Rick Ross and MMG Are Winning With ‘Self Made, Vol. 2′

As any film buff will tell you, the sequel is never as good as the original. The same goes for music, too. Whenever a rapper—or, in this case, a rap label—decides to slap a “2” or a “Vol. 2″ on the end of the title of one of their previous projects, it just about almost never works out as well as it did the first time (see: Blueprint 2, Blackout 2, The Inspiration 102, etc.). We say “just about almost,” though, because every now and then an album sequel does work out. And, we’re happy to say that the new Maybach Music Group compilation, Self Made, Vol. 2, belongs in that category.

Part of the reason Self Made, Vol. 2 is successful is that it’s hitting stores only a little more than a year after Self Made, Vol. 1. So, even though the cast of characters has changed slightly—Pill is out, Omarion is in—Rick Ross & Co. are able to use the same basic formula that they did in 2011 to achieve success. As a result, Self Made, Vol. 2 is every bit as enjoyable as Self Made, Vol. 1 was—minus the super major hits like “Tupac Back” and “Ima Boss” that were included on the first album.

Why is that? Well, to explain it, we put together a list of the 5 Reasons Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group Are Winning Again With Self Made, Vol. 2. Here’s why you need to get this album into your regular rotation this summer.—Chris Yuscavage