5 Things We Will Do Better Next Summer Now!

Every summer we pledge to take better care of our bodies and to take more risks with our wardrobes but often end up stuck in the same rut. Instead of putting off our promises for yet another year, here are 5 things we vow to nail in the remaining sweltering summer months:

  1. Get more pedicures. It’s time we stop waiting until our polish starts to chip and our heels start to crack before we revisit our salon. We vow to use a pumice stone daily and show our feet some TLC between salon visits.
  2. Wear SPF. Us brown girls tend to neglect the sunscreen but this prep step should never be skipped. Darker skin might be less prone to sun damage but it’s not exempt.
  3. Drink more water. Hydration is key to battling off heat-induced fatigue and can help improve the skin’s appearance. It’s time we start getting those 8 glasses a day in!
  4. Wear less makeup. The thought of going barefaced can be daunting. But layers of makeup, especially in the humid months, can leave us with clogged pores. We promise to skip the foundation, use concealer on very visible blemishes and lightly dust on a bit bronzing powder.
  5. Try a romper…or three. Why the heck not?! With all the different lengths, shapes and fabrics, there’s something for everyone.

What will you do better the rest of the summer?

-Audra E. Lord