5 Ways To Beautify While Sleeping

Use One Super-Powered Hydrator All Over
We all know that bedtime is a great time to treat dryness prone body parts like your hands, feet, and lips. Just apply some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to all your dry areas and you will be smooth in the morning.  If Vaseline isn’t your thing, then try a moisturized lip balm.

Take protecting your lips to another level by using an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and flakes. For scaly feet, use a pumice stone in the shower a few times a week and apply body butter. Slip on some socks and you will have cute feet in the a.m.

Whiten Your Teeth in a Flash
Everyone wants white teeth. Ask your dentist about teeth whitening strips or whitening pastes before picking it up at a local drugstore. Eating more food like apples, celery, and pears can help you achieve white teeth.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Plenty of sleep always equals beautiful skin. Make sure you get around seven to nine hours of sleep. If you can’t get in your hours, try sleeping longer during the weekends or whenever you are off.

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