6 Non-Black Bodies We Envy!

The Black woman’s body has been revered, feared, coveted and copied. Vixens like Serena Williams inspire many of us to hit the gym, but how many ladies would admit to having body envy toward Vixens of other races? Is it blasphemy to have Beyoncé and Barbie on your vision board?

No. It’s okay to give props to Vixens of all colors whose bodies give you motivation. Here’s a little multicultural fit-spiration.–Driadonna Roland

6. Coco

It may not all be real, but it is hers.

Nicole Austin, b.k.a. “Coco,” is one stacked white girl! While she admitted to breast implants, Ice-T’s wife took an ultrasound on The Doctors television show to prove her backside was indeed au naturale. Whether you believe it or not, the former Playboy bunny and her assets are werking rap royalty and reality TV.