Al Shearer Wants To Be Your President & Makes A Movie About It!

Y’all remember that crazy dude Hits from BET’s Hits From The Streets show right? Of course you do! He was the wild guy that would run up on everyday people with a big mic in their face and ask them random questions for laughs. He also did one of the best spoof videos of all time in remaking D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” video. Well, now the man known as Hits is going by the name his mama gave him, Al Shearer. He’s fed up with the corruption going on in this country and the only way for it to stop is for Al to take matters in his own hands and that means running for President…yes, of the United States. Al is so serious about cleaning up the states that form our union that he made a movie about it titled, The Other Black Guy Running For President. To get the full film, hit up iTunes on this Friday, June 15th and cop it while it’s hot! Visit for more infomation. Here is a clip of Al handing out swift justice to citizens of America. Beware, this could so be you.