Last Olympic Track Spot May Be Decided By Coin Toss?

What if the last spot to the U.S. Olympic track team was determined by a coin toss?

For Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh this may be what grants one over the other to represent the U.S. track team. Felix and Tarmoh finished so evenly that the camera at 3,000 frames per second could not tell who won thewomen’s 100 meter race this past weekend. Both runners finished at precisely 11.068 seconds.

The U.S. Olympic Committee had to announce new rules because of this predicament. Unless one runner gives up her claim to a spot, they will be given two choices, either they run a tie-breaking race or flip a coin. The options are as follows; if they choose the same option, then that will be the tie breaker, if their options are different, they will run, but if they don’t decide on either or, they will have to coin toss.

If they choose coin flip or coin flip is decided for them, US Olympic officials have rules on who picks heads or tails and how it will be flipped. The tiebreaker will decide who will join Carmelita Jeter and Tianna Madison, the first and second place runners, in London this summer. Felix and Tarmoh will continue to run this week at their respective races while a tiebreaker date is determined.