Amber Rose Trades Music Career for Family Life

Can we expect a little Wiz Khalifa in the near future? According to, yes. And sooner than later, perhaps.

Wiz Khalifa’s fiancée Amber Rose decided not to pursue her music career because she wants to start a family.

“I got engaged and I decided not to go through with an album because it’s too much. I’m 28, me and Wiz are in love. We’re thinking about having kids and to start a music career to do shows and concerts and stuff like that is not in the cards for me,” explains Rose.

Earlier this year, Rose released singles “Fame,” featuring her future hubby Wiz, and “Loaded.”  Surprisingly, the model’s pop swag was catchy and reminiscent of Ke$ha.

“I’ll dip and dab and do little cool stuff. I’m featured on Wiz’s mixtape with Rick Ross, and I’ll just do little fun stuff like that.”

I’m not sure how a music career would’ve been for Amber, but I’m definitely excited about her starting a family.