Andy Samberg Talks Sensitive Rappers, Bill Cosby & ‘That’s My Boy’


Real Talk, No Promo

VIBE: This is our sex issue [VIBE June/July 2012] and your parody group Lonely Island rhymes about sex quite a bit. Either you’re having a lot of sex or not enough.
Andy Samberg: We definitely have a hard and fast rule of when we go in the studio: we do not let ourselves have sex. It’s sort of in the tradition of R. Kelly and Usher. We lock ourselves in the studio and get super horny and just let the sex spill out on the tracks… We’ve probably done 70 other songs not about dick. It just seems like the public always likes the ones about dick the most. We’re more a reflection of society in that regard.

You have an album called Turtleneck & Chain. Sensitive rappers sporting sweaters has become a big thing in hip-hop. Thoughts?
My stance has always been to wear a specific kind of sweater. You either have to be Bill Cosby or, like, the hardest motherfucker on the mic.

Like when Biggie wore Coogi.
Exactly! Biggie could wear whatever the fuck he wanted! Biggie spit so hard on the mic, he could wear a tutu and people would be like, “He’s still kind of rocking it.”

On your day job, Saturday Night Live, you donned a dress as Sarah Palin this past season. Were you comfortable?
I was quite comfortable in it [laughs]. In my everyday life, I prefer to be in my own clothes. But if it’s for a joke, I’m all about it. I’m not squeamish putting on a lady wig. The makeup is really the biggest pain in the ass. We kept it light.

Better track: Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song” or your “Dick In A Box?”
I always give it up for seniority, but they both serve an important purpose in society.

Was it nerve-wracking working with a comedy legend?
I was super excited. He’s always been one of my heroes, so it was kind of a dream come true. And the premise of the movie is—the only way it could ever work—is for me to play his son. His character has an affair with his teacher in high school, so it’s the right age difference.

You’ve conquered music, film and TV. Which has better groupies?
We don’t really have groupies. We have sweet fans. That’s about as dirty as you’ll get me to go [laughs]. From the outside looking in, dudes that can sing have the most groupies, as a rule.

*Between his LMAO-worthy SNL skits and raunchy raps, Samberg has turned loveable goofball into a full-time hustle. Catch him playing Adam Sandler’s long-lost son in That’s My Boy, in theaters today (June 15)