Angela Simmons Reveals (More) Details on BIKINI

Deena: What prompted you to create Angela Simmons by Indiqué Hair?
Angela: I love changing my hair and I have been wearing Indiqué Hair for quite some time now, so when I was approached to create my very own line, it was an automatic fit. To me, hair is a statement and an extension of your wardrobe and I’ve always been drawn to fashion and being able to change my look.

D: How is Angela Simmons by Indiqué Hair different from other hair lines?
A: The line is pretty unique. It’s made with two hair textures mixed together, then it’s [developed in] Indiqué Hair’s state-of-the-art steaming process to create multiple hair textures on a single weft of hair. BIKINI provides instant volume without having to use a hot tool. The result is a one-of-a-kind product that has never been created by an extensions company before.

D: Let’s discuss BIKINI a bit further. How did you come up with the name?
A: It’s awesome! It’s sexy, playful, and perfect for the summer and the beach. That’s why I named it “Bikini”. I thought the curls would look great with a bikini at the beach or poolside. A bikini is a staple piece during the hot summer months or while on vacation, and the name perfectly describes the beachy texture of my first hair [extension] line. It should be [worn as a] fun accessory and women should feel beautiful and glamorous.

D: What have you learned from partnering with Indiqué?
A: The hair business is no joke. It’s hard work. The process in getting the exact texture I wanted took some time, but we worked together and we got it right. I’m so happy with the outcome.

D: Why did you decide to donate a portion of the proceeds to CancerCare?
A: I think CancerCare is a great cause and organization. Indiqué Hair has partnered with CancerCare in the past, so it made perfect sense to team up and continue to support their efforts.

D: What’s next for Angela Simmons by Indiqué Hair? More lengths? Styles? Textures? 
A: Yes, there will be more styles coming for the fall. I can’t talk about right now, but you should definitely keep an eye out!

There you have it Vixens! Visit Indiqué for more information and to snag your very own Bikini!