Apple Announcement May Be New iPhone Operating System

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a huge announcement on deck for the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. He is expected to preview the highly anticipated iPhone operating system (iOS 6) and new Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptops.

Recently, Cook discussed that both Siri improvements and more Facebook integration were coming to both the iPhone and iPad. There are also rumored to be many other big announcements on new technology from Apple today. Sources say the tech giant is expected to introduced an alternative to Google Maps.

Apple executives are scheduled to discuss other new features coming to the iPhone and iPad.

ABC News Reports:
Apple is not expected to discuss the next iPhone or the iPhone 5 at WWDC today. Industry experts and analysts expect the new iPhone hardware, which has been rumored to have a larger display, to be released in the early fall, when iOS 6 is officially available for all to download.

Stay tuned for updates.