Azealia Banks Deletes Twitter Following Manager Termination

Azealia Banks’ public outbursts may just be slowing down.

The Harlem-bred rapper deleted her Twitter account yesterday after addressing recent controversies regarding her split with Troy Carter, who also works with Lady Gaga. Denouncing male managers completely, Banks vowed to either manage herself or enlist the help of a female manager in the future. She ranted in true Azealia Banks fashion in her final tweets:

“I know who you are yes…You short bald man…I know you planted these false stories.”

“Guess what?: I’m still not going to let you manage me again. I’ve dealt with enough cyber bullying to see right thru this.”

“I will definitely be working BY MYSELF and saving MY 20% On management commissions while I avoid you sharks in the water….”

“I really want a female manager. Women are just so much smarter.”

“I just want a really hardcore woman…Or a really gay man as my manager…You other n-ggas have WAY too much ego sh-t with y’all.”

“I just need a lady with some really intimidating glasses and a crazy shoe game to just stomp all you phonies out!”

“Lol I’m dead serious tho…About not hiring another male manager. The next manager you all see will be the kuniest kunt ever.”

The rapstress then took it a step further on her Tumblr account with a post entitled “NO LONGER WISHING TO BE A RAPPER.” Straying away from the rap genre, Banks announced that she would be taking another path:

“From now on I’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the ‘rap game’ … or whatever the f-ck that means…”

It would indeed be a shame if Banks hangs up her rap career before it fully launches, but fans will have to wait and see. Perhaps Banks will have a Twitter change of heart a la Nick Minaj, but until then you can stay abreast of her latest thoughts via her Tumblr page.