Be Honest: Did Hitting Chris Brown Make Drake More Manly?


Okay, I’ll admit: When I heard that rapper Drake allegedly laid hands on singer Chris Brown in a nightclub, my respect for the rapper-slash-singer shot up at least 10 percent.

I’ve always been of two minds about him. I readily concede Drake is among the most talented of today’s music artists. I’ve even seen him in concert and shouted his lyrics at the top of my lungs. But when my boyfriend bought Drizzy’s 2011 effort, Take Care, I yelled at him repeatedly to “turn that emo-ass crap off!”

Drake, known for falling in love with strip-hoes and whining his way through countless songs about it, made his way into my “soft” file around the time he trashed Rihanna for hurting his feelings. Next thing you know, he’s all in her face in a music video. Plus, he’s light-skinned. And from Canada. And played on Degrassi.

Should I label him soft because of these things? Absolutely not. On the converse, should I praise him for being violent? Of course not. And here’s where I have to acknowledge how my own behavior perpetuates patriarchal stereotypes.