Best Buds: 10 Photos of Meek Mill Hanging Out With Rick Ross

Meek Mill has always been a great rapper. Need proof of that? Just head over to YouTube and check out all of the old material that he has up on the site. From the various freestyles he’s recorded live to the songs he recorded for his Flamerz mixtape series, there’s no shortage of quality Meek Mill material out there on the Internet.

So, why did it take him so long to blow up? Well, for the longest time, he didn’t have a quality co-sign that would help him go from a local talent—Meek’s been making noise in his hometown of Philadelphia for years now—to a national sensation. But, that all changed early last year when Rick Ross threw his support behind Meek and signed him to his Maybach Music Group record label. Since then, Meek has turned into one of the best young rappers in the game.

It’s clear Meek appreciates all that Rick Ross has done for him, too. To prove it, we put together a collection of 10 Photos of Rick Ross and Meek Mill Hanging Out Together. Don’t look now, but when it comes to producing hits, this might just be the best duo in the rap game.