10 Things Your Dad Actually Wants For Father's Day This Year

10 Things Your Dad Actually Wants For Father's Day This Year

Know what your dad doesn't want for Father's Day this year? Another tie. Or, a 154,675-piece socket set. Or, well, anything that you find on one of those "Awesome Father's Day Gifts!" tables at your local department store. He'll take any of them, of course. He'll probably even smile and say how much he appreciates it when you give one of those gifts to him. After all, it really is the thought that counts. But, does he want any of those gifts? No. In fact, hell no!

That being said, we know that shopping for something for dear old dad on Father's Day can be a real pain. He won't tell you what he wants. Stores only seem to offer kitschy items that dad won't ever actually use. And, if you've got a brother or sister—or, worse, multiple brothers or sisters—it's damn-near impossible to find a gift your dad will set you apart from the pack. But, don't worry. We're here to help.

In order to make sure that dad gets exactly what he wants from you on Sunday, we've put together a collection of 10 Things Your Dad Actually Wants For Father's Day This Year. So, skip the new socks (and/or slippers!) and pick up one of these items before you head to your dad's house. For once, that smile he flashes after he opens your gift will be genuine.—Chris Yuscavage

The Gift: Sony Alpha NEX-F3 Camera and 18-55mm Lens ($600; sony.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Already takes pictures of everything with his smart phone
Why He'll Love It: We see all the dads out there snapping photos with their smart phones and we can't help but think, "They look like they enjoy taking pictures, but they're probably intimidated by all the newfangled cameras out there in the world." So, make it easy on your dad—and give him a new hobby—by snatching up something like this new camera from Sony. It's got a easy-to-use touchscreen, interchangeable lenses, and a slim design that will deliver pops with great shots without overwhelming him. Enough of the crappy Instagram flicks, dad! Use this instead.

The Gift: Cartier Lines & Logo Cartier Decor Money Clip ($130; cartier.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Carries his cash around in a wallet that he's had since 1992
Why He'll Love It: We're not sure why, but it seems like most guys—at least, most guys over the age of, say, 35—don't splurge on new wallets for themselves. As a result, they wind up walking around with something that looks like it might fall apart at any second. So, do the job for dad and splurge on this fancy money clip for him. It'll leave him feeling like a million bucks—even if he's only got a $20 tucked inside of it.

The Gift: adidas Originals 40th Anniversary Trefoil Watch ($395; adidas.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Wore adidas when you were still in diapers
Why He'll Love It: Okay, so a watch is a pretty go-to gift when it comes time for Father's Day. But, most watches aren't like this one. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their iconic Trefoil logo, adidas has put together this polished, gold-plated watch. And, it's a thing of beauty. Especially for those who remember when the Trefoil logo was first released.

The Gift: Mophie Juice Pack Air ($80; mophie.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Loves his cell phone just as much as you do
Why He'll Love It: Know what's pretty awesome? The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. Know what's not awesome? When your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S dies. But, thanks to this "juice pack," dad can recharge his phone on the fly without any messy cords and without plugging a bulky battery pack into it. The Mophie doubles as both a case and a battery recharging system for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and it's a must-have for anyone with one of the latest iPhones. Just be warned: Buying him this means he'll have twice as much battery power to whoop on you in Words With Friends.

The Gift: HEX Fleet Sonic Backpack ($100; shophex.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Still carries his laptop and iPad around in a duffle bag
Why He'll Love It: At this point, a lot of dads have laptops computers as well as tablets. But, most bags are designed to carry one or the other. This stylish creation from HEX has separate padded pockets for both, plus a ton of extra space for chargers, cords, and whatever else dad needs to take on the road with him. With summer vacation right around the corner, he needs this in his life.

The Gift: Barnes & Noble Nook Touch with GlowLight ($139; barnesandnoble.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Can't seem to put down a good book at night
Why He'll Love It: By now, you've probably seen the commercials for this thing. Unlike other Nooks, it lights up in the dark so that you can read without disturbing anyone else at night. We figure dad will love that seeing as how he can't put down the Hunger Games book right now. Or, better yet, seeing as how he hasn't slept in a week since your mom started reading 50 Shades of Grey. Either way, it's a win.

The Gift: Julius Dance Machine iPod Docking Station ($100; paulfrank.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Listens to Justin Bieber with his kids (or grandkids)
Why He'll Love It: We'll admit: This one isn't for all fathers out there. Give it to the wrong dad and it'll ended up getting regifted to one of the grandkids or, worse, stashed in the back of the closet next to the gift you gave him last year. But, if you've got a dad who isn't afraid to mix it up and bump some Biebs every now and then to keep the younger crowd happy, then this iPod docking station will be the perfect addition to his living room or study.

The Gift: Nike+ FuelBand ($149; nike.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Really tries his best to stay in shape—even though it doesn't always work out
Why He'll Love It: The FuelBand will help dad change the way he looks at working out. Rather than going to the gym and failing to see any results, the FuelBand will help him track the calories he burns by working out and doing everyday tasks. If this doesn't get him motivated, nothing will.

The Gift: Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill ($380; weber.com)
Perfect For The Dad Who: Will laugh at you if you buy him a Nike+ FuelBand
Why He'll Love It: Some dads wants to get into better shape. Some don't. For those who don't, go with this gas grill. And then ask dad to make you one of those burgers you love so much. Hey, there's no reason you can't get something on Father's Day, too, right?

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