Beyonce & Kim: The Kind of Girls You Marry

“You worry about the wrong things, the wrong things.” – K. West (Paranoid)


Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common.

I know this might upset some of you Bey stans out there that believe that your King is in a stratosphere all her own, where a lowly reality TV star/serial girlfriend is unworthy of her time and attention. But in reality, a friendship–however casual–between the Pop music titan and the branding behemoth makes perfect sense. They’re both the kind of girls you marry.

Before we go any further, let me clarify what makes a woman “the marrying kind.”

I asked about 15 guys–varying in age, relationship status and life experiences–what qualified a woman as “wife material,” and the answers were overwhelmingly consistent.

“A woman with confidence” was the first answer; someone who doesn’t wear her insecurities on the surface makes for a good mate in case someone out there tries to rattle her cage. Drive was also a big factor. Women with their own goals and purpose fall easier into the “wifey” category than women who tend to be aimless or design their lives around a man. And finally, the “R.O.D.C.” as my friend @Kozza called it. That’s the ride or die woman who, no matter what, has her man’s back, which makes for the best partner in life.