Beyonce & Kim: The Kind of Girls You Marry

Beyonce is Jay-Z’s biggest fan. While she baked baby Blue Ivy last year, she traveled the world alongside her husband, sitting front row at every Watch The Throne show, singing along to every lyric. Four years of marriage, touring, recording, non-stop tabloid rumors and constant hounding from the press, Bey is the perfect Bonnie to his Clyde. As she said during the 2011 Billboard awards: “I love me some Jay-Z,” and it shows.

While Kim’s relationship with Kanye is still relatively new, we’re already seeing telltale signs of her investment. From her newfound love of Jordan’s to putting a few things on hold for the European leg of WTT, Kim is all in. (And who can forget the sick Lambo she copped for his birthday?) And if her dating history tells us anything it’s that when Kim is in, she’s in.

There’s an age-old saying, birds of a feather flock together, and the same should go for women. When we choose our friends, it should be based on common interest, values and a similar passion for how we live our lives. What shouldn’t weigh too heavily are past sextapes, quickie marriages and how the public perceives them.

Is Kim a good person? Does she work hard at her own goals? Will she be loyal?

Those are the things that should matter to Bey–will Kim be a good homegirl that she can bring around her family? Clearly, the answer is yes. Seems like everything else is only a problem for ya’ll. –JasFly (@JasFly)