Blue Ivy Named Honorary Citizen of Croatia

The world had an inquisitive field day when Jay-Z and Beyoncé announced the name of their first born, Blue Ivy. And at barely six months old, the young Carter already has the title of being an honorary citizen because of it! The lucky location? Hvar, on the island of Croatia.
According to Yahoo!, Blue Ivy is the name of an actual tree in Hvar, which a pregnant Bey stood next to during her vactaion last year. In a letter to the family, Mayor Pjerino Bebic wrote, “The story of the origin of [her name] has brought huge media attention and great tourism promotion to the town of Hvar. Because of this, I have decided to confer on your daughter the status of honourary citizen[ship].”
The shoutout is fitting. If you type in Blue Ivy in a search engine, you get both images of the tree and the adorable, released pictures of one of the music industry’s most powerful children. –Carmen Shardae Jobson