Meek Mill Says He ‘Hollered’ At Chris Brown After ‘Drake Fight’

Seems like Meek Mill is always getting into something he wants no part of.

The dream-chasing emcee stopped by MTV’s RapFix Wednesday (June 27) and said he spoke to Chris Brown after the infamous bottle-hurling brawl at NYC nightclub W.I.P that occurred June 14.

“I hollered at Chris Brown immediately, I talked to Drake immediately,” Mill said. “I don’t be on no negative vibes, man.

The Philadelphia-bred rapper takes the controversy as a part of fame. “People fight in the club every week, I just be there. The name’s gettin’ a little bigger, I guess they startin’ to mention me now,” he said. “I’ve never been mentioned on none of those blogs or none of those shows or whatever, but things must be goin’ well over there.”

The 25-year-old Maybach Music star also addressed his rumored Twitter beef with Breezy. “Twitter don’t count in real life, I tweet anything,” he said. “I try not disrespect nobody on Twitter, no artists or anybody, period.”

Intent on avoiding any drama, Meek opted to focus more on the good than the bad. “We blessed, we get money, we rich and leave it at that.”