Chris Brown Talks Art and Inspiration, Plus Paints With Jordans

We are midway through the year, and we finally get to see an interview with Chris after his shunning of the press—and it was not to promote his upcoming Fortune album. Breezy chatted with Ron English last month at the premiere of his Dum English toy line in Los Angeles. English, the artist who collaborated with Brown on the line, asked about his artistic inspiration as well as his upcoming endeavors. Chris also gave advice to up-and-coming artists:

“I think the key is basically just your determination as far as an artist is concerned. It’s just about your drive and your dream. I think that as far as being an artist, and being an entertainer, for me it’s like we never lose our dream. We never lose what we had as a kid in our minds, we kind of stay young and youthful so that’s what keeps us fresh and creative to go forward.”?

The clip also showcases Chris in a never-before-seen realm as he conducts a live painting of a life-size figurine. He gets down and dirty with his craft, finger painting his Air Jordan 12s and using them to plant footprints on the sculpture. While he has posted pictures of his work on his Instagram page, fans now get a real peek at the singer’s other artistic side.

Go ahead and add “visual artist” to the singer’s resume.

Watch the video below:

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