Ciara Shares Laughs with Adam Sandler at ‘That’s My Boy’ Premiere

While fans are still reeling from her new single “Sweat,” Ciara is also getting ready for the big screen.

She sashayed onto the red carpet Monday night in an all white getup for her new movie That’s My Boy alongside funnyman Adam Sandler.

In the film, CiCi plays a sexy diversion for Sandler’s character, Donny, whie he plays a young father trying to reconnect with his son Todd (Adam Samberg) and deal with the consequences of his bad parenting skills. “It’s my first big movie premiere so it’s kind of exciting,” Ciara tells The Insider.

She also prepared a two-minute vlog as she prepared for her big night out. Watch the clip and check photos of the event HERE.

That’s My Boy hits theaters June 15.