PDA Alert: Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds Spotted at Son’s Graduation

Look who decided to emerge from all the gossip talk and chatter: Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds.

It seems like the rumored couple have no shame in their game and have now decided to put all the gossip to rest by showing up together at Bishop T.D. Jakes anniversary event in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Tracey tweeted a pic of her and Deion looking happy to be in each others’ company. In addition to the anniversary soiree, Tracey also made an appearance at Deion’s oldest son’s graduation, and by the looks of things, Deion Jr. is accepting of his dad’s new girlfriend.

We’re sure Deion’s ex-wife Pilar will have plenty to say about this revelation. Back in March, Pilar alleged that Tracey was one Deion’s mistresses and went as far as to ask for a deposition from her in court. Tracey released a statement denying this allegation stating their only connection was for business purposes.

Doesn’t seem that way! this could get ugly!