Deion Sanders Confirms Relationship to Tracey Edmonds

Deion Sanders hit the red carpet with new lover and television producer Tracey Edmonds at TD Jakes’ 35th Anniversary Gala. Edmonds discussed producing Sanders new reality show which will explore the next chapter of the football player’s life.

In an interview, Sanders reveals that he is attracted to Edmonds because “she’s grown, she’s intelligent, she’s sophisticated. She’s beautiful inside and out. It’s no facade, when she takes off the make up, she’s still beautiful,” he explains. He does not believe his new relationship will go down the same path as his previous relationship with model Pilar Sanders because Edmonds “has her own.”

And it seems that Tracey Edmonds fits right in with the Sanders family. Earlier this year, Carolyn Sanders, Deion’s ex-wife (before Pilar), tweeted a pic of herself and Edmonds celebrating Deion’s restraining order against Pilar. Edmonds was also spotted at Deion Sanders’ son’s graduation.