Dirty Dozen: Estelle On The Joys Of Sex

VIBE drills Brit crooner Estelle on the joys of sex

1. If paps snapped you in a sex store, there’d be ____ in your hands.
o A bondage kit
o Edible underwear
o Massage oil
o “The Rabbit”
o All of the above

2. What’s the oldest you’d ever date?
o Ten years my senior
o I like ’em young and reckless.
o G.I.L.F status

3. Would you get physical with a butter face who only stimulated you mentally?
o Sure, who doesn’t like great head?
o Only if I were blind.
o I’d give it a try.

4. Which of the following fetishes could you tolerate?
o Foot
o Dominatrix
o Balloon popping
o Furry fandom

5. You’re doing the dirty, and your dude starts spitting filthy talk. Do you engage?
o Yes, I f#$!ing love that sh#t.
o Why would he talk dirty if we only make sweet love?
o Right time, right place.


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