Do You Think It’s a Weave?

I was shopping with a friend of mine the other day and we spotted this black girl with hair all the way down her back. My friend and I both stopped and stared at her beautiful mane. Her hair was so striking. As the woman walked by, my friend and I discussed her hair. “Do you think it’s a weave?” We pondered the question. Curiosity killed us, so we circled the store to take another look.

Usually, my weave-radar is pretty good. In most cases, there is a blending issue or hair misplacement that gives it away. But in this case, I couldn’t tell if it was a weave or not. Honestly, it didn’t really matter to me. Her hair looked amazing, and all I wanted to know was what I had to do to my hair to get it to look like hers. I continued to peruse the store forgetting the long-haired woman, however, my friend had different sentiments.

As the woman walked out of our view, my friend rolled her eyes. My friend is known for her long natural hair, and has openly expressed her opinions on “good weaves.”