The Young & The Reckless: Drake, Rih and Breezy

And before you ask which life I’m referring to: this life, the life he’s about to try to avoid. Aubrey Graham is a Jewish Toronto native, first known as “Jimmy” from the Canadian teen series Degrassi High. He rebuilt his fan base off the strength of his intuitive songwriting, genuine delivery and ability to express the things many often find too vulnerable to say. Musically he’s put Toronto on the map, building his grass-rooted OVO click into a multi-layered organization complete with a music festival. He’s become a go-to hit maker, who loves strippers, really bad clothing and older women. Drake, however, is not a goon. Now this is not to say that Drake can’t get out of hand like anybody else or that he can’t do dumb shit like everyone has done at some point, but no matter what happens moving forward–inevitable police questioning, potential lawsuits and possible legal charges-the hope is that it’s a one-time thing. There’s too much at stake to risk it all for a fight (or a woman) that really isn’t even his.

The lesson is, be who you are. Trouble will always find you when you are being anyone other than your authentic self. It’s cool to not be the tough guy, especially when not being the tough guy has made you a worldwide phenomenon. Jay warned him, ‘Here’s how they gone come at, with silly rap feuds trying to distract you’…And if this isn’t the biggest distraction, I don’t know what is.

Then there’s Rihanna, who wasn’t even there Wednesday night..