Drake Gets Shaken Up on ‘Punk’d’

Drake became Ashton Kutcher’s latest target on last night’s episode of Punk’d. The Toronto rapper was in for a rude awakening when what he thought was an earthquake struck. As the car he was in shook violently, a pregnant lady screamed for help and Drake found himself trapped in a parking lot, panic ensued. “I thought I was gonna die, to the point where I was calling my mom,” said Drizzy before admitting “I just got punk’d.” “I said like very early on in my career that this is such a sign of feeling like you’ve really accomplished something when Ashton decides to punk you,” he continued. “So, today is a semi feeling of accomplishment but at the same time f*ck you, that sh*t was not funny at all. I didn’t appreciate it.” Watch Ashton Kutcher punk Drake below.