Vixen Chat: Eva Simons Talks Touring with LMFAO, Style Inspiration and Azealia Banks

VIBE VIXEN: Who is Eva Simons?
EVA SIMONS: I’m just a crazy girl that likes music, that writes music and is always creating music. Oh, sometimes my song comes on the radio.

You seem very easygoing, very laid back. How do you turn it up for you shows and videos?
That’s the easy part. I can do dances and shit like ok. Do it again? Like ok no problem. That’s dope. It’s almost like when you got to go to a club and you’re like, yeah, you don’t think, Oh, should I dance? You just go for it and have fun then you’re like oh shit I gotta go home and whatever. I’ve always wanted to get the attention. I’m an only child so then you’re like me, me, me. Sometimes in an annoying way, I must say myself but sometimes in a good way.

The single, “I Don’t Like,” where did you pull inspiration from? Was it a recent relationship?
I was a bit pissed off that day [laughs], and I was laying down some melodies and saying some words here and there. Let’s just do that then. I write most of my songs with my writing partner Mike Hamilton, and he came in [the studio] like, ‘You sound like you’re pissed off.’ Let’s just write a song about that; let’s just go there. And that’s what we did, which was pretty cool.

Now, your style is a visual orgasm. There’s a pop. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I don’t know. I don’t know if guys have it but girls do. We can walk down a street and boom, we see it! That’s what we want.

Yeah, something that’s very attention-grabbing.
And that’s like we all have our own DNA. I [like] mostly edgy stuff, androgynous. Like a girl can wear it, a guy can wear it but it’s still feminine. I like very heavy metals and stuff.

Do you like specific shop in specific places?
Yeah, I mostly [shop] on Google. I just type it in.

So, you’re a big online shopper?
Yeah, big time!

Are you addicted? Is this something we have to get your help for [laughs]?
[Laughs] I almost was gonna be addicted, then I started to regular stop and shop, ‘cause you see how it really fits you and how it suits you.