Fashion Dare: Would You Rock Fingernail Rings?

Fingernail Rings

If you really want to go extreme with your accessories, then you need to try fingernail rings. Jewelry designers continue to push boundaries by traveling farther down your finger with little rings that sit on top of your nails. Sometimes we wear fashionable things that aren’t always functional for everyday life. These rings may not be ideal for typing, however they do look fashion-forward and chic.

Accessory company Gwaan is the mastermind behind this courageous ring trend. Currently, Gwaan offers rings that allow your mani to peek out from behind their metal fingernail rings. Of course, these rings may sit a little too low on the finger making them uncomfortable or easy to lose. Real fashionistas know sometimes you have to suffer some pain in the name of fashion.

Will you be dressing up your fingers with fingernail rings and midi rings?