Father’s Day With Jim Jones

Melt away his tough guy exterior, tatted-up frame and vampire raps and you have Jim Jones – proud father of a nine-year-old son whom he affectionately calls “Pudy.”

With the official holiday for fathers everywhere this Sunday, VIBE chopped it up with the “We Fly High” rap star who gushed about fatherhood, his old man and provided the most important life lessons he hopes Pudy learns from daddy dearest.

VIBE: What has been your favorite Father’s Day moment with your son?

JIM JONES: When I took him to Disney World when he was seven was my best moment. I didn’t get to go to Disney World as a child. I didn’t get to experience all the things that I’m providing for him but it makes me feel extra good to know that he can do all the things I didn’t get a chance to when I was young.

What was your favorite ride to go on?

I don’t really do rides but to watch him go crazy in the park and act stupid was a blast for me.

What have been some of the best gifts you’ve gotten for Father’s Day?

My son is the best possible gift that I can get for Father’s Day. I don’t really want no gifts. I’m good at gifts. As long as he’s healthy and loves me unconditionally, it don’t matter what I get. That’s Mother’s Day when it’s what you got all the mothers. I’m a proud papa and I’m happy to have a beautiful son. I wish they would change it a little bit. Some fathers do deserve big gifts, haha.

In general, what are some great gifts a son can give his father?

I don’t really know what a son would give his father. If you understand who your father is, then it should be something, whether small or big, that makes him smile. Like I like belts, it could be any type of belt so as long as it’s something to make him smile and pays attention to what his father likes. But a big “I Love You, Happy Father’s Day!” is perfect.

Would you say there are any bad gifts a father could get on his special day?

Nah, I don’t think there’s any bad gifts. If you don’t call him and tell him “Happy Father’s Day” and you forget about that day, that would be a bad gift.

Growing up, your father passed away but can you recall a special Father’s Day memory that you shared with your own dad?

I don’t recall any Father’s Days with my father per se. I didn’t get to see hi but every time I got to see him, it felt like Father’s Day and I was amazed.

Is that why you think it’s so important to make it a point to spend time with your son even though your schedule’s so busy?

Yes, that is definitely, definitely one of the reasons why ’cause I didn’t have a chance to spend as much time as I would’ve liked to with my father but I still loved him with all my heart and soul, and there was never a day that I was upset with him. I understood life at a very young age, a lot earlier than most people.

How does your son cope with that at his age now, knowing that his dad’s a rapper?

He deals with it. He likes it but he is a funny character when he does get the time to be with me. I’m not allowed to take pictures or autographs. He has his own little rules. If I do end up taking a picture, he kinda gets upset.

Is there a chance he’d want to follow in his dad’s footsteps?

He’s a funny guy. Around me, he tries to portray that he’s a big angel. When he’s not around me, he’s kind of a badass. But he plays sports, he does music, he got a video (“Prey IV Reign”). Funny character.

In the time you didn’t get to spend with your father, did your mom sorta fill the void and play both roles?

Oh yeah, my mom, my grandmom and my Uncle Clinton. There were people definitely there that filled the void of my pops not being there and got the big gifts. God bless my Uncle Clinton who raised me with my grandmother.

What are three important life lessons that you hope your son takes away from you as he gets older?

Always say your prayers should be number one. Always respect women. Be conscious of others. And when they tell you you can’t do it, go much harder because there ain’t nothing you can’t do.

You live a lifestyle that calls for partying, going out and all these things but how do you maintain the balance in being a role model for your son and the rapper?

Because I tell my son the difference in partying and going to work. It might sound funny but I don’t really party. I get paid to party. It’s part of my job description as opposed to somebody else who gonna spend their money and go home broke and try to make their money back in the morning. I get paid to be in the club. This is what I do so he understands that this is a business and when I go on trips, daddy’s going to work. When I go to the studio, daddy’s going to work. As opposed to him asking if I went to a club, he asks me if I went to work last night. He can understand what pays the bills and what puts him in such good schools and everything that he wants. It’s just daddy working.

Is there anything he hates about your career besides not seeing you enough?

Just the time. Just not being around as much as he’d like me to be. That sometimes put a strain on him but other than that, he’s cool with it. he likes it. Lil Wayne is his favorite rapper.

Has he been able to meet him yet?

He hasn’t been able to meet him yet but one day, I’ll surprise him. He likes Lil Wayne. He likes LeBron.

Your son must be so hype about the Finals then.

I’m trying to get him to a championship game before the series is over. I think they got like two more games down there.

He would love that for sure. Now what do you have lined up in terms of your own personal projects?

I just put out a mixtape “F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2.” I also did a movie to the mixtape, about 40 minutes, short film something like “Streets is Watching,” way more cinematic. I’ve been leaking music virally. Next thing for me is I’ll be doing a movie, a feature film called “The Vampire Life” and a soundtrack to it. I’m trying to put the movie out in December some time. I’ll start recording my new album in between the film and the movie.

What’s your message to all the fathers out there?

Happy Father’s Day to all the responsible fathers that do love their kids and take care of their kids, no matter what their circumstances is. I know sometimes financially and the climate of society can be very hard. Instill some great moral values inside of your kid’s brain.

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