On The Feet Of New York: VIBE’s Weekly Kick Picks

VIBE Kick Picks is back, bringing you the hottest kick game on the streets on New York City!

In the midst of one of the illest sneaker releases of all time—yes, we’re talking about the Air Yeezy II’s—for this week’s edition, we decided to hit up one of the infamous sneaker lines forming throughout the city. When an exclusive sneaker hits stores, a selected few (ok, lots!) tend to line up outside the store, sometimes weeks in advance.

Some of the dudes outside of the Footaction on 34th and 7th that we stopped by had been out there since last Friday—even through the rain! It got so tense out there that one dude almost got into a fight with a Footaction employee over a disagreement over miscommunication about the store’s release of the sneakers.

While we wish all the sneakerheads out here much success on getting their hands on the Yeezy II’s, check out some of these non-Ye-related kicks that some people had on as they waited.

The Shoe: New Balance 1500

The Sneakerhead: Wally Shoemaker

The Story: “I got these straight from England. I got them because these shits are fly!”