On The Feet Of New York: VIBE’s Weekly Kick Picks

Check out this weeks edition of VIBE Kick Picks, where we catch the hottest sneakers stomping around the pavements of NYC.

Coming off the release of the Air Yeezy 2 (did you get your pair?), we hit some hotspots around town to see if we could spot the first on-the-street pair. Unfortunately, either all the sneakerheads in New York City either didn’t get a pair or are really smart and not wearing them just yet.

So while you still have that inner debate with yourself on whether it’s worth spending a year’s sum of rent on a pair of sneakers designed by Kanye West, here’s some other sneakers that are worth paying notice to. We even caught a pair of the first Air Yeezys—can those be considered “throwbacks” yet? Hmm…

The Sneaker: Nike Dunk (Motley Crue “Dr. Feelgoods”)

The Sneakerhead: Gio

The Story: “I always liked them since I was a little kid, so why not? I found a good spot, the guy gave me a good price, and that’s it—I’ve loved them ever since.”