What’s Mine is Mine! Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Mix Your Man and Your Money

Summer’s the perfect time to treat yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t let your nurturing nature get in the way! You’ve worked so hard to get it, but before you fork it over to your man, think twice. Here are five reasons to separate your money from your honey. –Driadonna Roland

1. Ain’t No Ring on It!

Having joint assets is a given when you’re married, but in the court of law, Judge Judy does not have to recognize your “boo.” If you own a business together, for example, things can get messy and there’s no legal recourse for a clean break.

2. Hell Hath No Fury

Sure, he’s your best friend and you know he’d never hurt you. But after the love is gone, he can hit you with the earth, wind and fire! When you break up, what’s to stop him from being spiteful and sticking you with the financial responsibilities?