What’s Mine is Mine! Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Mix Your Man and Your Money

3. Your Credit Is on the Line

Let’s say you co-signed for his student loans or car note – or worse, put it in your name. If he stops paying his portion, your signature means you  are obligated to pick up the tab. Your financial reputation (credit) is still on the line. “They really don’t care where the money comes from,” said Rob Speciale, a financial analyst with Northwestern Mutual. Which means the banks can come after both of you.

4. Silence is Golden

If he won’t give you a straight answer about where he and the boys went last night, why expect him to be forthcoming with financial details? Communication is key in any relationship, but many women don’t ask important questions that could tell you how responsible a man is. Does he squirrel money away even though you mentioned that you need a little extra help this month? Or does he blow money fast like Rick Ross every payday?

5. Listen to Your Heart

Each relationship is different. You may say love conquers all, but honestly know what you can tolerate. If one or both of you were to get laid off, realize that money will become a huge stressor. How long are you willing to support a partner while he’s looking for work? Does it bother you to have to pay for the dates, the bills, gas and a new suit for his big interview? Don’t give a man the impression that you will be there for him if you know you won’t. Asking yourself some serious questions can help keep your relationship – and checkbook – intact.