‘Goodfellas’ Mob Snitch ‘Henry Hill’ Dies at Age 69

One of the most infamous snitches in Mob history has passed away.

ABC new reports Henry Hill–the actor made infamous in the novel Wiseguy and motion picture Goodfellas. Hill died at a Los Angeles hospital of an undisclosed illness

“[His] heart just stopped. He had been sick for a long time,” Nate Caserta, the son of Hill’s fiancé Lisa Schinelli Casterta told ABC News. “I will never be the same. I lost someone I cared about a lot . Someone who loved my family and helped me a lot with life,” Nate Caserta wrote in a post on Facebook. “You truly lived a life no one could live. You touched so many peoples lifes. Your spirit lives forever with me.”

The ex-mobster-turned-government informant first gained notoriety in the underworld after he helped rob Air France of a shipment of $420,000 in April of 1967.

Ray Liota made him infamous to the mainstream with his praised portrayal of him in the Goodfellas film.

ABC News Reports:
In the 1970s Hill spent six years in prison after he was found guilty of extortion. While in prison, with the help of his wife Karen, Hill still managed to operate outside the law by smuggling drugs and food. He was eventually released early in 1978 for being a model prisoner.Hill became an FBI informant following a 1980 arrest on a narcotics-trafficking charge, and testimony he delivered led to 50 arrests. Hill, his wife Karen and their two children entered the witness protection program and changed their names. They were relocated to several locations in Omaha, Neb., Independence, Ky., and Redmond, Wash.