Google Makes Cell Phones Old School with New “Google Glasses”

For all you 80’s and 90’s babies who dreamed of having robotic vision like The Terminator, you might have your chance sooner than expected. Yesterday (June 27), Google announced that they’ll be making their “Google Glasses” prototype available to computer programmers that are willing to dish out $1,500 for the tech toy. What’s so special about the specs, you ask? Well, they give you the power to check your texts, surf the web, snap pics and use social media networks all without using a handheld device. Everything you usually see on your computer and phone screens will now be right in front of your eyes.

A cheaper version of the glasses are set to go on sale for consumers in early 2014. As of now though, Google is still working on apps and other functions that will make the glasses as useful as possible such as making them less heavy and having a longer battery life. We wonder which rapper is going to cop the first pair. – Taryn Edmondson