Guest Editor Kandi Answers All Your Sex Questions!

Kandi is a bit of a sex-pert these days. Since creating her adult toy line Bedroom Kandi and hosting her own online TV show Kandi Koated Nights, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has etched her name in the business of, well, sex.

Because she’s an authority on the topic (and our Guest Editor for the day), VIBE took a minute to ask three quick questions she’d know all about. Come on, quickies are good sometimes, right?–Niki McGloster

VIBE: When is the right time to start having “sex talk” with a young girl?

KANDI: There isn’t a perfect time, but as a parent you will see signs of them becoming inquisitive about their bodies and where babies come from. For me, that’s when I started having Cliff Notes-styled conversations with my daughter.

What are three ways to be super sexy outside the bedroom?
Wear articles of clothing that accentuate your best parts, douse on the perfume that your man loves the most and send sweet notes or texts throughout the day. Photos work too! Keep it sexy.

What would you suggest a celibate woman do to keep herself “entertained”?
Bedroom Kandi is always the way to go when you have to entertain yourself. If you want a little music to go along with your satisfaction try Happiness & Joy. If you are a whirlwind traveler, you can carry Make Me Over and Kandi Kisses in your overnight bag. No one will ever know about your little secret escape to ecstasy.

Lastly, you spoke to us about the In-Home Party Network you’re creating for Bedroom Kandi. If you could have three male sex symbols at these in-home pleasure parties, who would you choose?
I guess Boris Kodjoe, women love him so he’d be great. Ooo, Idris [Elba]! We’d definitely have to have him there. He’s hot because he has the whole package to me.

What about Maxwell? The ladies love Maxwell!
Hmm, Maxwell is cool people, but… You know what? Tank is hot. It’s always good to have a man that could sing and who’s got the whole shirt off thing.

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