Haters Are Optional

Could you forgive someone who hated you for no reason? Could you sit down in the home of a person who spent years trashing you (publicly) every chance they got, and laugh, genuinely?

Oprah and 50 Cent could.

Two weeks ago, Winfrey visited 50 Cent’s childhood home in Queens for a sit down interview to air on her show Next Chapter. It was unexpected. 50 has hated Oprah for years. How would this even work?

Unlike a Basketball Wife, or someone in love with hip-hop, real life conflict isn’t usually handled through violence. But drama is common. And refreshingly, the conversation that followed between Oprah and 50 was a literal how-to lesson on adult decisions, personal responsibility and forgiveness.

I don’t know how this interview came to pass, but what was clear was that 50 had to be honest about not just the conflict, but also the source of it. It might’ve taken him six years, but he eventually got there.

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