Hit-Boy Talks On ‘Jay-Z Interview,’ Gwyneth Paltrow, And Kanye Comparisons

Hip-hop’s latest producer-turned-rapper Hit-Boy is on the fast path to becoming a lead player in the new school of rap—the next Kanye West even.

In this sit-down interview with Vulture, Hit-Boy discusses everything from his newly-released debut single “Jay-Z Interview,” Gwyneth Paltrow’s comfortableness using The N-word in her tweets, and those expected comparisons to mentor Kanye West.

On “Jay-Z Interview”:

“I had the name even before I wrote the song. I had the name for maybe two months — maybe longer than that, maybe four months — before I had even written the song. I just knew that was a great title for a song and I just kept it, wrote it down in my notes, and finally got the right beat from [producer] Bink. I started hashtagging it and people just caught on. It became its own phenomenon and made it to TV. They [MTV’s Hip Hop POV] showed it on TV and showed me the power of social media.”

On Gwyneth Paltrow using The N Word:

“I was right there with The-Dream and Beyoncé and Gwyneth and all those people, and we were just having a good time. I didn’t see that [the tweet], but they were partying together. They were sitting directly next to each other, so you never know. I just know we were all in the moment and Champagne was flowing. That moment was just incredible.”

On the Kanye West comparisons:

“I wanted to give something personal and I would reference that video [“Through the Wire”]. Just showing it [“Jay-Z Interview”] to people in the last week or so, they automatically say that it reminds them of when they first saw or heard Kanye, so I can’t escape that.”

To read the full interview, go check it out at Vulture