How to Handle Two Exes At War

The love of your life has (or had) all the qualities you looked for in a male counterpart: attractive, talented, aggressive, driven and sexy. Your relationship was made from the fabric of fairy tales and no one could light a candle to the pair you two made. But then there was that other side, the evil half of your significant other’s self that reared its ugly head every time there was a disagreement or a challenge. Whether it was anchored in abusive tendencies, anger issues or self-deprecating addictions, there was always that chink in the armor that kept you from truly dubbing him your knight.

So you part ways and embrace your single status. On the rebound, you catch others, including one in particular who has no problem letting the world know how much he adores you. You make a couple hits together, but the chemistry never crossed the line of love’s demarcation. The spark was there but never anything strong enough to extinguish the flames smoldering from your past love.

Years pass and you’re linked to this one, that one and the third. Never confirming anything but flaunting everything for all to see. But what happens when your worlds collide, worlds that are all too familiar with your relationship résumé and there’s nothing you can do to stop it?